Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is a Biblical and balanced program that helps people seek freedom from issues, habits and thought patterns that are impacting relationships and life in negative ways.
Family DNA

The first area of ministry covers issues that run along our family line, leaving us with thought patterns and behaviors that are carried on from generation to generation. Often it is hard to determine what these are in our own lives as they are familiar and a “natural” part of the way we were raised.

God's Truth

This second ministry area addresses beliefs that do not line up with God’s truth.

Life's Hurts

This part of the session is usually the most memorable part of the ministry. The Holy Spirit is invited to bring healing to the source of the issue, and He always shows up!


This last ministry area finalizes a tremendous gain in freedom, closing many open doors to the enemy. There may still be challenges and need for improvement, but we will be drastically changed if we apply God’s principles to our lives, and resist future temptations for sin.

Appointment Process

1. Complete the RTF Issue-Focused Questionnaire below. Hard copies are also available at either the church office or at the Connect Center.

2. Turn in completed Questionnaires at either the church office or at the Connect Center.

  • Church Office hours are from 10AM to 5PM, Monday-Thursday
  • The Connect Center is staffed before and after all weekend services

3. You will be called for a ministry appointment; generally in the order your questionnaire is received.

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