It’s Your Turn

Our kids and youth are not the “next generation”…waiting to grow up so they can someday love God and walk in their identity and calling. God wants them to know Him and love Him now, to experience His presence and power now, and to be released to reach the world with the Gospel now. They are called to be disciples who make disciples, they are called to reach their generation…and we are called to act as the family of God, as fathers and mothers in the faith, to fan the flame of their love for Him and to identify and release calling.

A message from Pastor Fawn


Most of us can think of someone who invested in us when we were younger. Someone who took the time to help us, to guide us towards the future that laid ahead. We’d love to hear your story! Who invested in you? Who made a difference in your life as a child?

Ways to share your story

  • SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – record a short video telling the world about the person who impacted your childhood and why. Use the hashtag #LWItsMyStory with the video so we can all see!

  • LET US HELP – want to share your story, but need some help? We’d love to hear your story. Fill out the short form below and we’ll contact you!

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it’s your turn

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