Gospel classes allow you to grow in spiritual disciplines like prayer, journaling, and serving, all while participating in authentic community.


Discover God’s plan for you from the beginning of creation. His promises of restoration and redemption will transform you with a deeper awareness of the Gospel and how it applies to your life.


Gospel Identity focuses on your identity in Christ, and how you can own Jesus’ mission wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and in every circumstance.

Gospel Identity will be also offered at the Yelm Adult Community Center 16530 103rd Ave. SE, in Yelm, Washington. This 5-week class begins March 1. Childcare is provided.


The Holy Spirit is alive and active, with gifts and power available to you. Getting to know the Holy Spirit will empower and equip you to live out the Gospel as you grow in your faith and interact with others.


Contact Kristen for upcoming dates and times.

Location: Church of Living Water, Building E-1
Childcare is provided.

What can I expect from these classes?

During these classes, you will be both encouraged and stretched. In each class you will experience inspired, Gospel-driven teaching, and learning with other participants as you interact around tables throughout each session.

In order to strengthen your relationship with God and help you to define how He has uniquely designed and called you to Own His Mission, you will be asked to participate in spiritual disciplines. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending Sunday services and class each week
  • Daily Bible reading
  • Memorizing Scripture passages (click here for the Scripture memorization tool we use)
  • Praying out loud by yourself
  • Serving your church
  • Fasting media (you’ll be asked to limit your exposure to media such as TV, movies, and non-worship music)

You will also be assigned a coach who believes in and knows the value of discipleship, and is eager to help you in your journey. Each of our amazing coaches feel called to love, care for, and pray for you as you go through these classes.


Gospel Story Class

Weekly Teaching

– Creation


– Fall




Class Homework

The Bad News (Optional)

True Repentance (Optional)

The Great Exchange (Optional)

The New You (Optional)

Look in the Mirror (Optional)

Righteousness Consciousness (Optional)

Overcoming sin, Part 1 (Optional)

Overcoming sin, Part 2 (Optional)

The 4 G's: God is...








Scripture Typer

This is a great app for your mobile device to help you memorize scripture. The scriptures for Gospel Story and Gospel Identity are already loaded into the “Living Water Discipleship” group in this app. Go here to read more about this and learn how to use it. You can also email questions to [email protected]

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