The Bible is clear that Jesus did everything necessary for us to be in right relationship with God and we can do nothing to contribute to our salvation. Baptism, however, is an important next step of obedience to Jesus and show others our choice to follow Him.

We are following Jesus’ example and doing what He asks when we are baptized.

Three things happened when Jesus was baptized.

  • He declared His faith to others.
  • He received an impartation of the Holy Spirit.
  • He was affirmed as God’s Son.

The same is true for any one being baptized today.

  • Baptism is making a statement to others that Jesus is your Lord.
  • Baptism is a spiritual experience, reflecting the death and resurrection of Jesus as you are lowered into the water and then raised back up, coming out of the water “new”.
  • God always blesses obedience and is pleased with your willingness to show your faith in Him as His son or daughter.

We encourage every believer to make a decision and be baptized as a step in their faith journey. We want you to receive all God has for you!

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